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Felix Flicker

I am a theoretical physicist at U. C. Berkeley, funded by a Lindemann Trust Fellowship of the English Speaking Union. My academic hosts are Joel Moore and Norm Yao. I will shortly be moving to Oxford on a Junior Research Fellowship, as Astor Fellow of Physics at New College. My interests lie in the application of geometry and topology to condensed matter systems.

I previously completed a PhD at the University of Bristol (2011-2015), under the supervision of Jasper van Wezel at the University of Amsterdam, with whom I am continuing to work on a range of topics concerning charge density waves, quasicrystals, and the topological classification of condensed matter systems. I was on the Perimeter Institute's Perimeter Scholars International programme (2010-2011), where I was supervised by Michel Gingras at the University of Waterloo, with whom I am continuing to work on spin glasses and spin ices. I was an undergraduate at St. Catherine's College, Oxford (2005-2010).

Please see the Publications tab for papers, theses etc., the Research, and Talks tabs for more information on both my scientific and outreach work, and MPhys Projects for Masters' projects I have supervised.

The Teaching tab contains some resources I have produced. For information on the theoretical physics discussion group I used to organise please see here.

Profile picture credit: Paul Blakemore