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Introductory Quantum Mechanics

This is a course being delivered at Cardiff University.

Videos for the course can be found here.

Transcripts for lectures: here.

Reading list

The following textbooks are freely available online:

These books are available through Cardiff University's library:

Some other references you may wish to consult:

Previous courses

A Practical Introduction to Quantum Field Theory

This was a 7 lecture graduate course on introductory quantum field theory, aimed primarily at 4th years, Master's and PhD students, delivered at Bristol University.

The full set of lecture notes is available here.

The problem sets are available here.

The recommended course textbooks are:

Finally, check out this great film about Hideki Yukawa.

Fermi Problems (Estimation and Dimensional Analysis)

Click here for a copy of my problem sheet on Fermi estimation. There are two excellent references I know of, both highly worth a read and freely available online:

You might also like to look at the SI unit specification.

1st year Essential Maths for Physics

This section was for the benefit of my first year tutorial groups at Bristol.

Perturbation Theory

Notes to accompany my talk on this subject can be found here.

The Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics

A brief note to accompany my talk on this subject can be found here.